An adaptive forest machine roll for all-terrain conditions

Patented Hybrid Tracks forest machine roll for demanding machine contract work.

The technical design of the rolls allows for easy and quick adaptation according to terrain and long service life. The features of the rolls are such that the roll can be modified and adapted to suit the different operating conditions directly on the forest work site. In the roll frame can be added portable roll pads for steep slope conditions, the holding pads are made for quick fastening. The roll spacer pads are delivered in a durable transport box where they pass neatly along with the forest machine to the work site. Due to the versatility and long service life of the rolls, the rolls are a profitable and ecological investment in forestry machinery contracting.

• Solution to varying terrain
• Possibility to customize the rolls as needed
• Affordable basic overhaul and long service life
• About 40% less investment than the current method
• Add-ons are available on every terrain.
• Maybe further developed according to the customer’s needs.
• Logistics costs low as exchange can be done on the terrain.
• Nature and fuel saving

Fomatec Hybrid roll collection for the forests of the world. The roll system is suitable for the Finnish wilderness all the way to Brazilian eucalyptus logging and the steep slopes of Austria. The Fomatec Hydridi forest machine roll is a completely different kind of technical solution for existing roll solutions. The roll system has been developed in cooperation with forest machine contractors and tire manufacturers. Thanks to its versatility and easy maintenance, for the Hybrid a large market in the world forests will open up. Due to the adaptability of the Hybrid roll, it is a terrain friendly investment for every terrain condition.