EasyCut saw blade

With Fomatec EasyCut saw blade, timber harvesting profitability rises substantially.

Up to 10% less fuel during working hours and up to 15% more cubic meters compared to conventional cutting methods. The patented feature of flange side design guides the motion energy generated during sawing.

The grooves on the side of the flange guide reduce the friction between the saw blade and the wood. The saw blade vibration is smaller, and the movement energy is guided parallel to the curved machined grooves on the flange. When sawing the EasyCut saw blade, the forest machine work pump, and less load is put on the engine than in the case of the conventional saw blade and cutting method. As less load is put on the engine when sawing, a reasonable amount of fuel is saved during a working day.

The grooves on the side of the saw blade also act as a cooler in the saw blade, and thus the saw blade lifetime is considerably longer.

The product is patented internationally.