Grinding robot concept

Fomatec has developed a fully automatic chainsaw sharpening system. A sharpening robot can sharpen all types of chains. Mostly, the robot sharpens the harvester’s chains. The robot can work part of the time even unmanned. The sharpening robot equipment is designed to be transferred to a workstation that is transported on a truck to the place where the sharpening unit has a central location for the customers. A single sharpening robot unit can serve up to 300 harvesters and maintain the chains consumed by harvesters. The workstation works with its own generator and is equipped to meet all occupational safety requirements.

The sharpening robot unit also comes with an unmanned forest machine shop, Fomatec satellite, from which customers can pick up their forestry supplies purchased from the online store 24/7. When submitting an order to the online store, the customer receives The Satellite’s location and keycode from the store where the supplies are easy to pick up. To the same store you can also bring the chains to the service and retrieve the serviced chains.

The sharpening robot system has been internationally patented. The equipment is not sold on the market but has been developed for use only by Fomatec staff. The more specific technical solution for the equipment is kept secret, and the hardware can only be used by Fomatec personnel who have the training to the use of the machine and the key code for the machine. The machine also features modern location tracking, security camera and alarm system that is controlled remotely via a cloud server.